We believe that the local church should be a contemporary community that represents and gives expression to the people and cultures that are found there, and we believe that (3C) will be just that - forged and shaped by the people who comprise the local body.

We want to present a relevant gospel that addresses every level and layer of need in human beings - spiritual, emotional, physical, social and financial. This holistic gospel begins with the deepest need of salvation, all the way to the most pragmatic needs of relationships and everyday family life and existence.

We also believe that SA stands at another crossroads in her own development as a nation, and that the church should be playing a more central role in defining and building the nation. Therefore one of our key pillars is nation-building, as we seek to engage with the real needs and issues of SA society. Proximity to the UKZN campus provides an opportunity to meet with and minister to the students who will become the leaders of the future. We trust that students from UKZN will form an integral part of the (3C) church.
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